In more detail, we offer:

  • Developmental, behavioural, emotional and psychosocial assessment, to provide an understanding of the presenting problems and their origins
  • Standardised, comprehensive cognitive, neuropsychological, and educational achievement tests which evaluate intellectual and learning ability;
  • Group therapy programs from time to time.

In more detail, we offer:

  • Short term interventions based on a range of treatment models and techniques including cognitive behaviour therapy, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, pain management, parenting skills within children’s homes and group therapy.
  • Secondary and tertiary consultation and liaison with professionals regarding psychological problems related to children;

Secondary areas

  • Distribution of educational material – educational toys and books
  • Outings and sports days
  • Monitoring of children’s home against child abuse
  • Assisting other organisations in the management of services directed towards children’s homes and underprivileged children. Management of services such as feasibility studies, audits, implementation, reports and other specialised services.

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